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With arguably the highest concentration of talented artists and creatives of any other region. The Mount Alexander brings you the Creative Directory for the area.

Housing events, artist profiles and portfolios, information, maps, locations and everything you could possibly want to know about what's on, when it's on and where it's on. A one stop online smorgasbord of culture incorporating art, music, theatre, film and venues so you're sure to find everything you're looking for...and more.


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Contemporary Painting
Glass Art / Jewellery / Pottery
Sculpture / Metal Work
  • Jeff Gardner
  • Sandy Coventry
  • Konii C. Burns
  • Paul Fenselau
  • Tom Baxter
  • Catherine Shields
  • Lorena Carrington
  • Kerrie Anne Schnoor
  • Castlemaine Press Inc.
  • Michael Graeve
  • Turner & White
  • Gerard Menzel
  • Michael Gray
  • Alex Sanson
  • John Tozer
  • Michelle Day
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