Michelle Day

The main objective of my work is the landscape, the  sky, mist and the light on the horizon line is a major influence.   Shapes and forms in the landscape are becoming a focus of my newer work.  What are the hidden beliefs and meanings that many cultures have regarding rocks, mountains and mounds?

“My eyes are constantly being drawn to our local mountains and hills. They are like beacons guiding me towards them. The effect of the  light and the way the mist envelops the mountains and rocks  is enthralling.”

I am becoming more aware of our own local landmarks, Leanganook (Mt Alexander) Mt Tarrengower and  Lalgambook (Mt Franklin) and the stories and legends surounding these Mountains.

“The misty or veiled representations of rocks are reminders of past and present cultures that inhabit this land.”

The ethereal beauty of the land is interpreted more as a subliminal concept by the application of many layers of oils, ground pigment and wax, which provide a depth and textural quality to my works both on canvas and paper.

The layering and scraping back of different mediums and colours have a special significance, representing a symbolic and spiritual reference to memory and the land.

My trip to Ireland created an interest in the legends, beliefs and folklore of the rocks, mountains, mounds  and cairns in the landscape.  My Masters research is based on the Irish in Australia and effects of moving a culture from one landscape to another. The Irish had many traditions, beliefs and folklore  concerning mounds and rocks in the landscape.  Are their beliefs concerning the otherworld, portals, Fairy mounds and traditional rites evident in the Irish immigrant’s memory?

Michelle Day- February 2012

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