Kevin Holschier

You ask who am I while all I am trying to do is find your diary dates for 2016 because that very much affects my exhibition timeframe. I have spent at least 30 precious minutes getting to here . Yippee. Who are You ? Do you as an organisation actually bother having plans and dates for the future ? Crikey I’m half way to the future and I’m trying to organise next March and it all depends on your timing and I cant find any information about your future plans. Your main google link goes to open air.

My mother was a Catholic nun who was a 6 year 9 month novitiate for the Little Sisters of the Poor who begged bare foot in Paris Brussels and Lyon in the”Rebuild Europe ” project that ran post WW2. Generally my thinking and my work is more acute and more demanding than the ordinaire !! Of that I am proud (and pride for some Catholic raised persons is a hard emotion to develop) !

I paint and I draw and sometimes I sculpt

I am 723 years old