Adam Ford

Adam Ford is a poet who dabbles in other kinds of writing.

He is the author of:

  • Heroes and Civilians (short stories) – Scientific Productions, 2011
  • The Third Fruit is a Bird (poetry) – Picaro Press, 2008
  • Man Bites Dog (novel) – Allen & Unwin, 2003
  • Not Quite the Man for the Job (poetry) – Allen & Unwin 1998

His ebooks are available at:

His writing has appeared in:

  • The Mammoth Book of Kaiju Stories
  • Whose Doctor? Reflections on a Time Lord
  • This Mutant Life
  • This Mutant Life: Bad Company
  • Aurealis
  • Australian Poetry Journal
  • Best Australian Poems
  • Overland
  • cordite
  • Meanjin
  • Going Down Swinging

His current projects include:

  • Anticline – a standalone poetry zine about Castlemaine’s own Anticlinal Fold
  • You Should Have Killed the Monkey First – a new poetry collection
  • Super Mega Giant Combatron 7 – a collection of transforming poems about the inner lives of giant robots
  • Poemix – a collection of poems reimagined by comic artists
  • Must You Destroy the Space Whale? – an interactive choose-your-own-adventure poem