Mark Neill

What is Eurythmy?

In Eurythmy (Eurythmie, Eurytmi, Eurytmia), the artist and the instrument are one. The archetypes of life are brought into play and develop the cognitive, social and individual abilities of the human being: both the physical and inner lives are strengthened. Through doing Eurythmy, the individual is connected more with the creative centre of the world.

Working with the creative forces of speech and music, Eurythmy is a powerful means of connecting.


The different take we have on RichardIII is not just portraying a dictator with a chainsaw….that is a bit simplistic, and not what Shakespeare was really on about. He was investigating WHY we act as we do, why we knife people in the back, why we wring things out of other people, why we farm chickens as we do, why we feedlot cattle, why we live for money etc.
A recent report in The Age said Australians have never been so well off materially, but never so unhappy: “Now is the winter of our discontent…” is the opening line. Shakespeare is on about an INNER unhappiness, an INNER discontent, an INNER hunchback. Indeed, an acting troupe from Rustaveli, Georgia toured the world with a production of RIII in the 80’s that, like ours, didn’t have Richard with a hump all the time! If you read the play crefully you will see the other characters have a hump more than Richard: Ann curse him (and his wife!) to hell and is, as Richard points out, VERY unmerciful.
After “Nine well received performances in 2010”, A Portrait of RichardIII toured Nationally in 2011.richard

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