Harry Zable

I moved to Castlemaine in 2009, as a ‘tree-changer’, having semi-retired from the Melbourne work/life treadmill. As part of that change, I was hoping to develop my creative side, and thought I would try watercolour painting. I joined a Castlemaine Community House painting class, taught by the wonderful Hilary Loftus. I suppose you could say I took to it like a duck to watercolour. My process is to use photos I have taken with my mobile phone camera as the basis for the composition of the painting, which I then attempt to interpret through the watercolour medium. Initially I focused on buildings, cityscapes and landscapes of places that I have visited in Europe, which resonate with some of my cultural, aesthetic, emotional and spiritual interests and sensibilities. More recently, I have moved my focus to scenes from my journeys around Australia, and particularly locally in Central Victoria. My paintings are now also available on order as cards and prints, under the logo art