Kym Houghton

Me:  Kym Houghton,  I’m 56.  I can’t make anything and I can’t organise anything – I can do errands and simple repetitive jobs, as well as analyse, synthesise, and imagine.  After I’ve imagined, I can write about what I imagined and I am doing this at the moment – in a novel.  When my novel’s finished, I’m thinking about going back to university to research why Victorian government schools seem to be so lacking in diversity (I was a teacher for seventeen years and I graduated as a Master of Education in 1996). 

I’ve received development funding for a script for a feature documentary and the script was later funded for production, as well. This Saturday night, I’m going to Skye and Loudon’s Shindigaroo House-Warming Party.  Finally, I pride myself on being a good parent.  Find me on facebook – Kym Gregory Houghton!