Konii C. Burns

Art lives inside of me and that, in itself, I don’t understand yet after making art for many years it continues to surprise me where it comes from, especially, when I have lost my bearings.

Executing ideas from within an emotional content to be revealed in a material form, is a process that is forever challenging, and often disturbing. an art piece that works can fill me with an overwhelming euphoric high, give my life meaning and just cause to my being and just as equally, a piece that doesn’t work can spin me through the greatest depths of despair of which I parallel grief. A mourning of loss for something that may have been, causing me to rethink the way in which I relate to the world and my position with in it and bringing about the question of my relative narrative and greater intent for each piece.
Knowing far too well both extremes of the art process is also the fire, the passion that fuels my desire to make art.

I live, breathe and endure the isolated existence of an artist life. Hours upon hours honing my skills through endless experimentation, developing new techniques or processes which are then expanded to the broadest extent. Sometimes succeeding and sometimes having to find the courage to fail and fail spectacularly.

My work is of visual experiences, given time, personal reflection and a little physical distance has outstanding visual impact. Within them are the conjunction of multiple events and ideas thus creating ambiguous worlds with dimensions of exquisite form and beauty.

Each layer of colour, texture and technique can imply a number of view points of perspective and space within one painting. Figures, faces, realms within realms , each piece reveal themselves to those who openly engage .

The intensity of my emotional involvement within my work is perhaps the reason why they have such vibrancy and posses such depth and strength.

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Melbourne Finalist in the 2013 Clifton’s Art Prize

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