Janette Geri

Earthy, eclectic, original, Janette Geri is one of Australia’s finest singers, a serious guitar player, and an acclaimed songwriter. Warm and playful with her audiences, always professional, Janette creates a special atmosphere with earthy grooves, intelligent lyrics, rich sounds, great stories and great songs. And with her remarkable voice, beautiful, adept, powerful and evocative, this gifted performer consistently captivates and enchants her audiences here and overseas.

Born in Sydney, NSW, now living in central Victoria, Janette has traveled all over Australia and the UK. Self-taught guitar player, plus piano and other instruments, she is also a recording artist, music producer and audio engineer.

Career includes national and UK tours, television and radio airplay, music producing, 6 albums, countless performances and concerts at prestigious venues, pubs, folk clubs & festivals across Australia and overseas.

She has a hauntingly beautiful and warm voice that puts instantly a spell on the listener. Wonderful harmonies coupled with stirring rhythms and angelic singing make her music a real treat for your ears.” Adolf ‘gorhand’ Goriup – FolkWorld Issue 38

It’s one thing to praise her arrangements, or to pay tribute to the excellent vocal delivery but something must be said about her lyrics which really do court a subtle sense of the poetic. Recited as poetry her words stand dramatically tall” Terry Reilly – The Age, Melbourne